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701-A Pencader Dr
Newark, DE, 19702
United States

(302) 593-0832


Dave built a house for us in Lewes Beach and was involved from the initial design through the end of the project. The house was finished on time and on budget. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final product. We were so pleased that we are building a second home with Dave and his team in the Hockessin area. We would and have recommended Chisel Creek Construction to all of our friends and anyone.

                                                                                    Nancy & Neal, Hockessin, DE

 Dave designed and built a custom home for us in Landenberg, PA. We enjoy our house more and more each time we come home. It has been four years and it still looks as good as the day we had it built. Dave and his team were great to work with.

                                                                                    Greg & Rosemary, Landenberg, PA

 Dave and his team have completed several projects on our house during the course of a four year plan. We started with the kitchen which led to a year later adding an in-law addition to the most recent project of all new windows and a master bathroom total remodel. We have recommended Dave to our neighbors and Chisel Creek Construction has completed three other projects in our neighborhood. Dave kept the project on schedule and was always available for selections and questions.

                                                                                    Sarah & Pete, North Wilmington, DE

 Dave built our second home at the Delaware Beach. We saw Chisel Creek Construction building another home in the neighborhood and watched the project and were impressed. After interviewing many contractors we decided to hire Dave and his team. He was more than willing to meet with our Architect and he was involved in the design from start to finish. They delivered our new home on time for the summer season and the whole team was a pleasure to work with. We have already recommended Chisel Creek Construction to our friends.

                                                                                    Marie & Paul, Lewes Beach, DE

 After doing our due diligence and getting other estimates for our first floor remodel we felt most comfortable with Dave from the moment he stepped in the house. He made a stressful decision more manageable by the knowledge he had, his plan for the time frame and his promise of “owning the number” to help keep the budget. His team was great to work with, showed up every day and worked hard to finish the project. The project had our entire first floor down to the studs and included a new kitchen expansion, enclosing the outdoor screen porch into the new family room inside, an entertaining area that included a wet bar, powder room and a new foyer staircase. The finished project was so beautiful and we have enjoyed every moment in it! Thank you Dave and all of Chisel Creek Construction! We have already recommended you to families looking for construction work.

                                                                                    Dan & Jenn, Hockessin, DE

 Hi Dave and Ken! We're mostly moved into the new space now, and really happy with it. Thanks for great work - really high quality and it came out exactly how we'd envisioned, and in fact, even better. It's so nice to have so many long-standing issues resolved. The quality of your work was very high, and we greatly appreciated Ken's skills, talents, experience, suggestions, and patience. We were really happy with all the members of your crew - all very good people. I'd be happy to give you a really good recommendation, if in the future any potential clients would like one. And we may have additional projects in the future, although we need some time to recover from this one!

                                                                                   Blake & Graziana, Greenville, DE

It is our pleasure to recommend Chisel Creek Construction. Chisel Creek Construction was hired in 2018 for significant renovations of our existing house and a two story addition. Dave and his team went above and beyond to perform first class work on every detail of the project. It was a pleasure to have Dave and his crew in our home. Dave himself was always there to answer questions and ensure that we were completely satisfied each step of the way. Our communication with him was wonderful. The project was finished on time and within our budget. We couldn’t be happier! We highly recommend Dave to anyone considering having work done on their home. We are extremely pleased with every aspect of our finished home and will definitely use him again on any future projects.

Jennifer & Chris, Centreville, DE

It is our pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Chisel Creek Construction & Dave Sardo. We contracted with Dave to build our second home down in Lewes, DE on a lot we had owned for several years. After interviewing several builders, it was clear to us that Dave and his company were the best fit for the job and for us. Dave helped us with the planning and architectural design. He was diligent in his communications and his enthusiasm was evident every step of the way. His team of craftsman were excellent to work with. His subcontractors seemed like part of his company and were always upbeat and excited to be working on our house. I challenged Dave with a tough deadline so that we could use the house for the summer season and he delivered on time and on budget. We were so pleased with his build on our Lewes house that we contracted again with Dave and his team on our new house in Hockessin, DE. Just like before, his attention to detail and teamwork came through and we love our house in Hockessin. We have since recommended Dave to some friends and family and as usual everyone he did the work for was pleased and thankful for our recommendation. I wouldn’t hesitate to build with Dave and his crew again. They did a great job on both houses and Dave was always available for our questions and clarifications. He called it a team effort and we felt involved on every step of the projects.

Neal & Nancy, Hockessin/Lewes, DE

 Dave built my custom house several years ago. This project is one of the greatest achievements of my life in many ways and Dave Sardo played a critical role. He genuinely cared about our family. I am happy to provide a full throated recommendation for Dave. We built one heckuva house together. And to this day, when anything is going on with the house I give him a call and he is right on top of it. No questions asked. It’s like buying a fancy car with a 10 year warranty that you hardly ever need to use. Firstly, my house was built of a sloping lake-side lot that needed to be cleared. The municipal code requirements for this job were challenging and he helped me through all of that. Also, the house is completely unique and custom designed comprising a five intersecting octagonal shapes. There’s hardly a square corner in this place. My engineer was a brilliant designer in his 70’s who worked with velum and pencil. There was not a single computer aided element of this project. When I first met Dave and rolled out the plans, I was expecting the same reaction as the other guys I had interviewed; “That’s a completely custom house and its going to cost a premium.” Instead, he looked at the plans and couldn’t wait to tackle the challenge. His proposed price was reasonable and he inspired confidence. Dave didn't need to charge a premium because he wasn’t intimidated by the sophisticated intersections of angles, natural materials or the complex lot, but rather he started offering suggestions right away. He couldn’t wait to get started. Secondly, when there were challenges, which come with the territory, there was never a single time when Dave tried to pass blame, push things back on me or avoid responsibility. In fact, to the contrary, he “ate” rework so much that I had to insist that I share a fair share of the extra costs. With this kind of a project, involving special trades, craftsmanship and materials, he absolutely plowed through every single hiccup as though it were just part of the job. He loved the challenges. Even though the entire project was my idea and vision, there were times when my confidence was shaken, but Dave offered steady and comforting advice that can only come from experience and a sincere love for his vocation. When you hire a contractor you never quite know who else is going to show up to do the work. There are so many different crafts that pop in to do their thing and then disappear that it’s hard to make a personal connection with them all, but I did. Every last subcontractor that Dave brought into my house was first class and cared about what he and I both thought. They wanted to work hard for Dave, were respectful, gracious, talented and experienced. One heckuva good team came along with Dave. I’ve been living in my house for 4 years now. Every single day I notice the craftsmanship, fit and finish of this house. I can’t believe I get to live here. But most importantly, Dave and I became friends through the journey together. Dave is an excellent problem solver, who NEVER lets stuff go. He didn’t cut a single corner. It was all about building my house. What a great stroke of luck.

Don, Landenberg, PA

For almost 9 months, I was engaged in a significant design-build, home construction project with Chisel Creek Construction. During the course of my experience with this organization, I have had the privilege to become acquainted with the owner, David Sardo, and their managers, administrator staff and sub contractors. I presented and offered Chisel Creek a design-build project to basically double the square footage of my home in Newark, DE. In addition to the nearly 2,000 plus square footage project, I aslo had many high-end restoration projects to add to the existing home space. The idea was to intertwine these smaller projects with the larger project to ensure that the home flowed and transitioned into the new space, ensuring a consistency and custom look throughout the entire home. My primary source of contact throughout the project was the owner David Sardo and his performance, professionalism and pride was evident from start to finish. This project was a fairly complex endeavor that involved unique nuances that included, but were not limited to adding additional usable space to the home while allowing us to live in the other portions of the home and performing the other reconditioning projects in the areas were we would live. Each unique element of this project would had appeared to have allowed for deadline and timetable extensions; however the Chisel Creek team, under the diligent oversight of David Sardo and his management team successfully navigated the project to come in under its deliverable date by 3 weeks when it was to be a 9 month project. In addition to the time savings, the budget also came under budget by $7,000. Chisel Creeks hands-on approach to project construction and management, from the design, through the build and ending with extremely well done high-end finishes was extremely impressive. Their coordination of the general conditions with sub contractors was equally phenomenal. They truly offered first class service throughout the project. Given their outstanding performance, I will look to Chisel Creek Construction as my top pick should I have another project to do in the future. In closing, please note that I have personally lead several businesses over the years, and I know how challenging it is to get everyone on the same page and hit the high expectations that I like to set. And I can tell you that my expectations were high on this project and Chisel Creek Construction team under the leadership of David Sardo delivered on every expectation and some. I would highly recommend their high quality, customer focused, value-added project approach to anyone that wants to experience the high satisfaction that I had the opportunity to witness when they did our home project.

Richard, Newark, DE

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